PUBG high ping on BSNL fiber solution

In this post you are going to find the steps to the solution of “HIGH PING in PUBG on BSNL FIBER aka FTTH”.

Getting lag and increased ping can cause serious effects on your gaming career. If you are a hardcore gamer you should concern about the PING states of your network connection. Many can see the ping on many reputable successful gamers on twitch tv or youtube itself, they use high speed and lower latency ever possible connection and spend thousand of rupees on good internet itself.

Mobile data connections are also not recommended for competitive online gaming. Then here comes the BSNL FIBER aka BSNL FTTH which have awesome plans with great bandwidth but since some time, people are getting high issues on the BSNL FTTH itself. So today we will try a POTENTIAL solution to this problem but first understand why high ping is bad and getting lower ping is good for your gaming career.

High ping in PUBG can ruin your game

Since I was a child, I play games. I played NES, SNES, SEGA, Play Station 1, Play station 2, and PC games. We will right jump into the solution of the HIGH ping in PUBG MOBILE running on BSNL FIBER AKA BSNL FTTH.

High latency in PUBG can cause lag. Game servers may disconnect a client if the latency is too high and may pose a detriment to other players’ gameplay. Similarly, client software will often mandate disconnection if the latency is too highHigh ping may also cause servers to crash due to instability.

why is low ping in PUBG is considered good

In games like PUBG where timing is key, such as first-person shooter and real-time strategy games, a low ping is always desirable, as a low ping means smoother gameplay by allowing faster updates of game data between the players’ clients and game server. low ping means buttery smooth gameplay and a lot of kills.

How to solve high ping in PUBG on BSNL FIBER

If you are having issues in browsing internet, or your sites are taking a lot more then normal time to load you can always check my older post of new DNS servers that BSNL recently launched for faster and more stable internet DNS solution here BSNL DNS setup and review

If you are getting high ping in PUBG only and your internet is working fine and if you are getting good speed also, it can be related to MTU setting in your router.

In networking, maximum transmission unit (MTU) is a measurement representing the largest data packet that a network-connected device will accept. Imagine it as being like a height limit for freeway underpasses or tunnels: Cars and trucks that exceed the height limit cannot fit through, just as packets that exceed the MTU of a network cannot pass through that network.

Let me guide you how you can resolve this issue easily.

Steps to resolve high ping in PUBG on BSNL FIBER

Go to your router’s setting

Login in to your router and go in the wan setting, where you will see the MTU value.

PUBG ping issue on BSNL fiber
PUBG ping issue on BSNL FIBER

Change the value of MTU to 1432 (General lowest)

You can directly put the value “1432” or you can determine the best MTU value yourself with CMD in your PC.

  1. In Windows, go to Start and select Run.
  2. Type in cmd (Windows 2000/XP) or command (Windows 98/ME) into the Open: field. Hit the enter key or click OK. The DOS prompt should open.
  3. At the DOS prompt, type in ping -f -l 1492 and hit the Enter key:
  4. The results above indicate that the packet needs to be fragmented. Repeat this test, lowering the size the packet in increments of +/-10 (e.g. 1472, 1462, 1440, 1400) until you have a packet size that does not fragment:
  5. Begin increasing the packet size from this number in small increments until you find the largest size that does not fragment. Add 28 to that number (IP/ICMP headers) to get the optimal MTU setting. For example, if the largest packet size from ping tests is 1462, add 28 to 1462 to get a total of 1490 which is the optimal MTU setting.
  6. Change the MTU on the routers WAN Setup.

You can directly watch PUBG HIGH PING SOLUTION ON BSNL FTTH on YOUTUBE itself!

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