Pentagon (American Defense) released 3 videos confirming they were UFO (Aliens)

Wait, wait a minute before reading this post. Clear your mind from all bullshit and everything you were seeing around you. Then maybe you will understand my point of view or you can call me stupid and walk away, and the reality is sometimes I do stupidity like a child but sometimes another perspective about life differentiates me from others.

Pentagon officially releases UFO videos

So on 28 April 2020 Pentagon (United States Department of Defense) released 3 videos of confirming unidentified flying objects AKA UFO, at the end of this article I will attach the links to the videos so you can watch.

This article is a bit different than this recent incident

I will ask one thing, only one thing from you. After watching everything happening around your environment, peoples wasting time (except few obviously) and just you can say in Hindi that BAS KAT RAHI HAI JINDGI, do you agree that humans can develop that so many amazing machines which we are all around? Now you can see something coming what I am about to talk. If you look closely, just the way I observe the environment around me, I am always wondering and feel fortunate that I am born in such an era we are so technical now.

I bet you have a motorcycle that you rode almost every single day, you were also very happy when you bought your first bike/scooter, Ok so do you know how they excavate the iron and other metal ore from the womb of the earth? Even do you know how they make cast iron, which is the most basic form of the metal?

It is just a simple and straightforward question, but I bet most of the peoples don’t know, now let’s get continue to the topic. I wonder how we invented cellphones, silicon chip ie Computers, I wonder how the hell human-made the technology that led us to space. I don’t know about anyone but it looks pretty fishy for me after looking at my environment. I have read many inventors’ and philosophers biographies like Socrates, Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla. And I do find it fantasizing to learn more about them. But I still do not find myself convincing that humans can achieve that much at its own. It may be only my thinking philosophy but when I eat rotis which my mom makes I do wonder.

I do wonder who first cultivate and farmed wheat and then made flour out of it and then cooked it and then ate. Leave all other miraculous machines.

I found some of my answers in the Vedas though, I used to wonder who found all of the medicines. What is safe to eat and what is not. Some very basic rules that we follow that we do eat Fenugreek and gourd but we do not eat grass or any other random leaves do we? What I found is that, it is written in Veda that people used to educate and live their married life for a part of their lives and then they go in nature and find the secrets of environment like medicines and what is safe for eating and what is not. 

So I believe that someone somewhere might have helped us to get us where we are today. Without any extraterrestrial help achieving this much does not look promising to me. Maybe they were aliens or maybe we are aliens who got stuck on this planet similar to the movie Interstellar :-).

Video link to the released videos by Pentagon – VIDEO

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