BSNL Fiber Plans and charges August 2020 (FTTH)

BSNL Fiber aka FTTH got hugely popular among Indian technical YouTubers and gamer for its high upload and download speed and great cost-effective plans. Fiber optical technology which tends to lower the data loss in the transmission of the data packets drastically. Super flexible plans along with amazing offers like free Amazon Prime subscription and free Hotstar and prices as low as 1.67 ₹/GB BSNL is ripping apart its competitor Airtel which is only giving 150 GB of data in the similar price to BSNL’s 600GB enormously huge more price to value option.


BSNL FTTH Plans 27.07.2020

Rent per Month in RsFiberNet Plan NameDownload / Upload Speed High Speed FUP 
499100GB CUL
(Limited Offer)
20Mbps100GB per month, then 2Mbps
749 *Superstar 30050Mbps300GB per month, after 2Mbps
777500GB CUL50Mbps500GB per month, after 2Mbps
849600GB CUL50Mbps600GB per month, after 2Mbps
949 *Super Star 50050Mbps500GB per month, then 2Mbps
1277750GB Plan100Mbps750GB per month, after 2Mbps
199933GB CUL100Mbps33GB per day, after 4Mbps
19991500GB CUL CS55
(Available in Telangana, & Chennai)
200 Mbps1500GB per month, then 2Mbps
249940GB CUL100Mbps40GB per day, after 4Mbps
449955GB CUL100Mbps55GB per day, thereafter 4Mbps
599980GB CUL100Mbps80GB per day, thereafter 6Mbps
9999120GB CUL100Mbps120GB per day, thereafter 8Mbps
16999170GB CUL100Mbps170GB /day, thereafter 10Mbps

*Super Star 300 provides with Free Hotstar VIP and Super Star 500 offers with Free Hotstar Premium.

These ultra-speed Fiber Plans have a maximum fair usage policy limit each plan, and many of the fibernet plans allow ONE free Static IP address, where all the BSNL FTTH plans provides “Phone plus services” as free phone service with 24 hours 365 days unlimited free calling to any network in India.

BSNL introduced different specific bandwidth plans under fibernet as per the local competition of that area from 20Mbps to 100Mbps download speed, check the state-wise specific Bharat Fibernet tariffs now

BSNL fiber to home provides fault free internet services and makes your home or business as high-speed WiFi zone with fiber optic internet connection up to 100Mbps speed for download or upload, and there is no fiber broadband availability checker in online, So just apply online, then BSNL executives will contact you to provide FTTH through TIPs or directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the upload speed in BSNL Bharat Fiber Service?

The upload speed under 1000rs plan is 50 Mbps and fro plans above 1277rs is 100 Mbps and more respectively according to the plan

What is the DNS of BSNL?

BSNL recently launched their latest anycast DNS and in July 2020

Which is the best router for BSNL ftth?

Service provider will give you several options, it is recommended to use the router/ONU which your service provider prefer. Then you can use any other router like TP link and D link in bridged mode for extensive usage

What is the PUBG ping on BSNL fiber?

People usually get 50-70 ms ping normally on BSNL ftth

Is there any installation charges for BSNL FTTH?

There is no kind of installation charges for any FTTH plan nor any cable charges are mentioned. local service provider can be the main factor to decide whether to charge for cable or not.

Where we have to complain about BSNL FTTH faulty line or speed?

By calling on toll-free number 1800-180-1500 you can register your complaints and grievances for you BSNL fiber connection

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