BSNL DNS setup and review

BSNL recently implemented it’s brand new and faster Anycast DNS DNS,, and They come packed with direct caching and peering services. In other words, This DNS will provide faster internet and lower latency and it will increase your overall internet experience. This implemented DNS makes sure that major websites like Google or Facebook load way faster. Several BSNL executives suggested their users to use this new DNS manually. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is recently slaying right now with its FTTH (Fiber to the home) connections. BSNL FTTH is very cheap and above all a thousand times better than the old DSL internet connection.

What is DNS?

According to Cloudflare, The DNS or Domain Name System (DNS) is the phonebook of the Internet. We can access information online through domain names, like or Web browsers interact through Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load Internet resources. Each device connected to the Internet has a unique IP. That requires an IP address that other machines use to find the device. DNS servers eliminate the need to memorize IP addresses such as because the browser requires an IP address.

What is Anycast DNS?

Anycast domain name system Enables One IP Address to Multiple Servers. According to Cloudflare to In anycast, one IP address can apply to many servers. Cloudflare says Anycast DNS is a number of DNS servers that respond to DNS queries and the one that is geographically closest will provide the response. This reduces latency, improves uptime for the DNS resolving service, and provides protection against DNS flood DDoS attacks. Anycast also helps keep DNS resolving services highly available. Imagine If one DNS resolver goes offline, queries can still be answered by other resolvers in the network. There are also some other DNS types like Unicast which is based on a single server.

why BSNL Anycast DNS is faster than regular DNS?

Anycast network addressing and routing method enables DNS routing requests to be answered by the closest available instance of the IP address queried. It allows Internet requests to be answered faster, connecting users to their end destination faster. in this case, this DNS is BSNL’s new Anycast DNS is

How to use NEW DNS easily

To use on PC You can configure New BSNL DNS or,, and in your network adapter setting just follow the steps below-

Step 1 – open control panel: For setting the BSNL Anycast DNS hit windows key on your pc and go to the control panel.

Control Panel

Step 2 – go to network and sharing setting: Click on the network and sharing settings

Network and Sharing center

Step 3 – click on change adapter settings: Click on change adapter settings

Change adapter settings

Step 4 – select your network adapter and go to its properties:

Right click on the network adapter you are using and go to its properties

wifi network adapter properties

Step 5 – scroll and select IPv4 and click on properties:

By Scrolling down a bit until you see IP version 4 setting. and Highlight it by clicking on it and then hit on Properties

IPv4 settings

Step 6 – fill the BSNL Anycast DNS and hit on apply:

Select DNS manually and fill and respectively in the given field

BSNL Anycast DNS

Setup BSNL Anycast DNS directly in the router

You can use the new DNS directly implemented into your router. Which will eliminate the need to configure in separate devices manually? You can find those settings in your router. Setting can be a bit different for different router so just look you will find it easily.

Step 1 Login in admin panel-

you can log in into the admin panel of your router by using default gateway of your router which can look like this

Admin Pannel

Step 2 go to the LAN DHCP server settings and set up the DNS

In setting Set the DNS manually and put the BSNL Anycast DNS or any other DNS if you prefer.

DNS setting

Step 3 Restart router and check if the BSNL Anycast DNS is working or not:

After filling the DNS manually hit on Apply Changes and restart the router. After restarting open a new window of command prompt and type “ipconfig /all” without quotation. And you should have the output looks like this


Speedtest and ping result

here are some of the speedtest and ping results

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Frequently asked questions-

What is DNS server for BSNL FTTH? is the newest Anycast DNS server in June 2020 for BSNL FIBER (FTTH)

How can I change FTTH DNS?

You can change BSNL FIber (FTTH) DNS manually in the network adapter setting in windows. And you can set them directly on your router.

Which is the fastest DNS for BSNL?

Google DNS is pretty fast in India which gives the ping of 20 ms minimum from Indore MP but BSNL DNS is giving it a tough competition with 14 ms minimum ping from the same location.

What is BSNL fiber (FTTH)?

BSNL Fiber to the home FTTH is a new service by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in which high-speed internet connection is available at a low price.

What are the plans for BSNL fiber FTTH?

Superstar 30050Mbps₹7492Mbps after 300GB/month 
500GB CUL50Mbps₹7772Mbps after  500GB/month
600GB CUL50Mbps₹8492Mbps after 600GB/month
Super Star 500500Mbps₹9492Mbps after 500GB/month
750GB Plan100Mbps₹12772Mbps after 750GB/day
33GB CUL100Mbps₹19994Mbps after 33GB/day
40GB CUL100Mbps₹24994Mbps after 40GB/day
55GB CUL100Mbps₹4499 4Mbps after 55GB/day
80GB CUL100Mbps₹59996Mbps after 80GB/day
120GB CUL100Mbps₹99998Mbps after 120GB/day
170GB CUL100Mbps₹1699910Mbps after 170GB/day


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