Are we really independent in 2020?

Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Raajguru were 23 when they were hanged, I am 24. Am I independent? or I am still in the hold of reckless lifestyle, wasting hours of time on wasteful things. Like just browsing Facebook or Instagram for hours to just get tired and go to sleep. And next day giving the excuse of not feeling energetic enough to do anything and this cycle gets to continue. Those 3 legends, in which country we are living, they gave up their lives for their dream of a free, democratic and secular India. And we are just living recklessly, taking these good things for granted. For which they have fought for us, and because of them we are living this “FREEDOM” and enjoyable life.

Great Indian revolutionary

I am 110% sure, if Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Raajguru were alive today they were not just been sitting and watching things that are going on, dirty politics and poor getting poor, and rich are getting richer. People are doing what not to make their governance in this crucial time when this pandemic “Coronavirus” also know as COVID 19 howling in the whole wide globe. This is my first post of this blog, so I thought why not I start with what I do actually feel inside of me, are we still independent? or we just in the hold of ignorance, lack of humanity and lack of sensitivity towards what we can do for needful people out there, and what we are doing right now. Jay hind!

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